Empty Nest

Empty Nest

When the children move out, although sometimes they move back in, the parents are left to wonder where the years went. While raising them, sometimes they might have thought about all the free time they would have and what they would do with it, but when actually faced with it, suddenly they always aren’t sure what to do. The question becomes, how do they fill up the time space that the children occupied?

This answer will be unique for each couple. Most importantly though, it’s an opportunity for a couple to reconnect in a different way than they had for the time they were raising their children. They can go on more dates and take trips together. Or they can take up hobbies they longed to do while the children were home but weren’t feasible.

Still, some parents need living beings in their homes and find it a great time to add a new pet (or more). A new dog or cat will be jokingly called the new baby in the family but for the empty nest parents, it represents a new journey on the life course.

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