Breathing Exercise

rbrb_1722_businessman_yoga_web.jpg (Small 210px)Breathing Exercise

Few will disagree; it helps. Below are a few simple steps to help relax. Where ever you are, take a moment to sit still, stay calm, and do NOTHING for just a moment.

  • You don't need to close your eyes or lie down.
  • Pretend someone is pushing your shoulders down.
  • Now pretend that downward motion is going through your entire body, from the top of your head to your toes.
  • Now take a slow deep breath, preferably through your nose, feeling your abdomen rise, not your chest.
  • Hold it just long enough to take one more second of deep breath even if your body feels full of oxygen.
  • Now slowly exhale through your mouth, while thinking about pushing out the stress.

Repeat 3-10 times.

Do this exercise in the car, at your desk, anywhere you start to feel you need a quick break.

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